The Most Popular Land Based Casinos In The UK

Casinos all around the world struggled for a period in the early part of the decade but we’re now seeing a huge influx of players visiting casino establishments. There is a boom for blackjack and a passion for poker that has gripped casino lovers and the United Kingdom casino scene is now thriving. It feels like more people are playing casino games than ever before and online sources have helped to bring the experience to the home – which is perfect for practicing. Many sites give players a chance to play for free and these are great for developing skills ahead of a trip to a land based casino.

In addition, websites such as are able to provide news and special online casino promotions for those who have advanced skills and wish to play on the web.
However, you cannot beat the experience of visiting a live casino. There is a vibe and a buzz that creates a sensational atmosphere that sets the senses tingling!
Here, we look at three of the best land based casinos across the United Kingdom – starting with the biggest casino in the country, Aspers Casino in Stratford.

Aspers Casino, London

Known as the largest casino in the UK, the Aspers Casino is a short walk from the Stratford tube station and that is perfect for anyone looking to visit the establishment.
There is a car park of course but public transport in this area of London is great and visitors won’t have any trouble attending by taxi, tube or bus.
The venue itself is sponsored by 888poker and has an estimated 30 tables day-to-day but that number increases drastically during the various poker festivals throughout the year.
Unlike many establishments, Aspers Casino is not a 24/7 venue though and instead opens from 10am to 5am each day.
There are a whole host of major poker series events on the calendar at Aspers, with a range of sponsored competitions and some with huge jackpot prizes.
Knowing that this is one of the elite venues to play poker, there is an aura of elegance and class around the venue and it truly is a must visit for any casino fan.

Dusk Til Dawn, Nottingham

Like many venues across the United Kingdom, Dusk Til Dawn faced uncertainty and had to close for a period of time but the establishment is now thriving.
Widely regarded as the best place in the country to play poker, Dusk Til Dawn has a long and illustrious association with the world famous card game.
In fact, it is recognised as the first legal poker club in the UK and was opened by Rob Young and Nick Whitten back in 2007.
The live poker venue has gone on some journey since then, earning a reputation as the top venue around for poker – and understandably so.
The casino can host over 45 tables on any given night and there are regularly huge events at the Nottingham establishment, including the Festival Series in February.
With huge sums of money on offer, some of the best poker players around head to Dusk Til Dawn to compete at this magnificent arena.
It isn’t just for high rollers of course and you’ll see an eclectic range of casino goers should you decide to visit Nottingham and check it out for yourself.

Les Ambassadeurs, London

Situated in the super wealthy Mayfair area of London, Les Ambassadeurs is a venue that is not only perfect for poker and casino lovers but for history buffs too.
The casino is famous for its role on the big screen, with the venue featuring in the James Bond film Dr No as well as The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night.
Given its location, this casino is predominantly for higher stake players and you frequently see VIP players at Les Ambassadeurs throughout the year.
There is an exclusive feel to the venue and you will need a connection in the industry to gain entry for some of the biggest and private areas of the venue.
The Les Ambassadeurs Triton Private cash game is famous with poker players around the world and has often been broadcast on YouTube for casino lovers around the world.
There are of course plenty of land based casinos around the UK, with a whole host of chain establishments and more exclusive venues in some of the biggest cities.
So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to your nearest casino and enjoy everything on offer – it’s not only enjoyable but a night at the casino is also a fantastic social occasion!